Ethics and transparency

A company cannot just say it has firm values, but it must act in kind. That is the same for its leaders and all its staff, who must work together to guarantee ethical and responsible management across its businesses, that is both sustainable in the long-term, and capable of creating value for all its stakeholders.


To strengthen our identity and carry out our work as a socially responsible integrated company, all of our professionals have the Code of Ethics and Behavior as a guide. The guide covers the principles and rules of behavior that we must all follow. Besides this, we also have an Auditing, Compliance and Ethics Committee, and an Operational Ethics Committee, which promote all the guidelines within the Code and make sure they are all complied with.

Code of Ethics and Conduct


We have a strong commitment to regulatory compliance and internal rules, as well as our Code of Ethics and Conduct. If you suspect any irregular behavior that does not conform to these rules, you can confidentially let us know using this form.


The data on incidents and complaints will be treated confidentially by Cepsa as set out in our investigation procedure. For more information, see the Legal Notice of this website.

Ethics and Compliance Helpline Policy
  • Ethics and Compliance Helpline Policy
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Why should I report an ethical irregularity or non-compliance of any regulation?

It is very important for us to comply with our Code of Ethics and Conduct, and we strive to assure our work is carried out in an ethical and responsible way. By doing this we manage:

    • The quality of the goods and services that we offer
    • Create value for our shareholder
    • Awareness of the needs of our professionals
    • Alignment of all of our actions with our mission, vision, and values
    • A framework of trust and collaboration with our providers
    • The wellbeing of society and the communities where we operate
    • Maximum respect for the environment, low environmental impact, and improved safety

How can I raise a concern or report an ethical irregularity or non-compliance of any regulation?

You can use our Ethics and Compliance Channel to inform the Internal Controls Unit. They will manage any incident that is reported that contains sufficient information for the case to be investigated. If you prefer, you can also report it to your immediate boss, or to any of the bosses in our business areas, and they will make sure it reaches us through the Channel.

Please remember that the Ethics and Compliance Channel should not be used to make complaints or claims on Cepsa products. If this is your case, then contact the Customer Care Service.

Will my safety and confidentiality be guaranteed when I use Cepsa’s Ethics and Compliance Channel?

Of course. We can guarantee absolute confidentiality over information and no actions will be taken if the communication is honest, true, and legal. In the event that we need to supply your information to the authorities, we will always comply with data protection rules.

Remember that both Cepsa staff and external sources can use this Ethics and Compliance Channel.

What happens when I report an irregularity through Cepsa’s Ethics and Compliance Channel?

When you report an irregularity through the Channel, our Internal Control and Compliance Unit will receive it and take responsibility for it. The Unit will analyze the information that you provide and then will give one of three decisions bearing in mind the supporting evidence:

    • Accept the complaint and open an investigation
    • Accept the complaint, but will finish the analysis when there is better or complete information
    • If it considers there has not been any wrong doing then the complaint will not be accepted and the preliminary analysis will terminated

What kind of communications should I make on the Ethics and Compliance Channel?

You can report any type of action that goes against our Code of Ethics and Conduct, which may cause an ethical conflict, or non-compliance of any regulation. Some examples of the irregularities you could report are accounting manipulation, information on criminal activity, or knowledge of improper management.