The Procurement function

The Procurement function

Cepsa’s model for managing contracts and purchases of goods and services is a centralised model. It is managed by categories (Commercial and Cross Services, Engineering, E&P, Insurance, Logistics, and Manufacturing) and structured under the responsibility of the Contracts & Procurement Unit (C&P).

It operates as a shared services unit whose ultimate aim is to contribute value to Cepsa business units and companies.


The scope of influence of the C&P Unit covers purchases of goods and services required by the different functional and business units, with the exception of supplies of raw materials, petroleum, energy products and contracts for financial products and services.

You can view here where and in which areas the company works.



Cepsa Procurement’s policies are based primarily on the following basic principles:

  • Establishing and maintaining close relationships of trust with our suppliers that encourage the creation of value through transparent processes and socially responsible behaviours. Read here the Suppliers Code of Conduct.
  • Satisfying our internal clients' requests and regulatory requirements.
  • Teamwork as a basic lever for continuous process improvement.​

Procurement process

Companies wishing to work with Cepsa must register by completing a registration questionnaire. You can learn in our web the supplier approval process, see the manual for the self-registration and, if you already have a user, enter suppliers’ private area.

After being registered, suppliers can access to the C2S – Cepsa Sourcing & Suppliers platform to complete the registration and approval process and to participate in the tendering processes and auctions. C2S would be the platform for the procurement process and for the exchange of information between Cepsa and its suppliers.

Our purchasing and contracting process comprises several stages:

  1. Request and Procurement planning
  2. Sourcing process/Auction
  3. Tender Award
  4. Formalisation
  5. Execution and management