If you’d like to participate in our contracting processes, you must learn how the process works, respect our ten commandments, and follow our advice on best practices to build a solid and lasting relationship.


About registration

    1. You must present your technical and economical offers separately in the corresponding envelope. Offers cannot be made via any other channel, nor can it be given to a Cepsa employee outside the C2S platform. Technical offers must not include prices or any economic condition.
    2. Bear in mind that we reserve the right to reject the winning offer or to exclude a supplier if it doesn’t meet the required criteria or respect Cepsa’s conditions.
    3.  If you win a purchasing process, this does not mean that you have been awarded the contract. You must wait until a contract is drawn up with all the conditions, and in no case will supplies or services be given before a contract is finalized.

Our requirements

    1. To become a Cepsa provider, register on our Sourcing & Suppliers purchasing platform in the designated Private Area.
    2. Fill in your registration with Cepsa Suppliers and once you have been validated as a supplier you will be able to participate in our purchasing process.

About the Procurement Process

    1. Only when you have a valid registration or you have been standardized by Cepsa can you take part in our purchasing processes.
    2. At the time of registration, and when you participate in purchasing processes, you will accept both Cepsa’s General Contracting Conditions as well as the Code of Ethics for Suppliers.
    3. If you have been invited to take part in a bidding round or auction you will do it through the C2S purchasing platform to ensure a transparent process.
    4. You will have access to all the conditions and technical specifications of the bidding rounds and auctions on the C2S platform. Remember that this is the only communications channel that you will use with us during the process.
    5. If you have any query during the process you can communicate it on the platform through the Messages Area that is available for every RFP.

Good practices

Try to follow our advice to ensure you follow best practices in your relationship with us:

    • Use the communication channels we provide you with so that our communication is fluid and efficient.
    • Participate in the bidding process in a transparent way and follow the guidelines and indications that we give you all along the procurement process. .
    • Act proactively so that we can both meet our economic and operational objectives.
    • If there is an incident, participate actively to resolve it.
    • Try to collaborate by providing all the necessary and more suitable resources.
    • Make innovative proposals, they will be welcome and considered. For instance, improvements to products and services, that allow to lower costs and to maximize energy efficiency.
    • Work in an ethical and transparent way and keep your business activity in line with the principles in our Code of Ethics for Suppliers.


See the General Conditions that you will have to accept in order to participate in the procurement process.