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CEPSA is engaged in oil and natural gas exploration and production in Algeria, with two fields (RKF and OURHOUD) in the Berkine basin, which are at the core of this activity. It has also been involved in natural gas exploration in the Timimoun basin since 2002, and in 2011 it was awarded the hydrocarbon exploration block at Rhourde Rouni.

The Rhourde el Krouf (RKF) field, 100% CEPSA, produces an average of 13,223 barrels per day. 2010 saw the inauguration of new facilities, allowing the same level of production to be maintained at the block for longer than originally planned. Today, 29 wells are in operation (18 production wells and 11 injection wells).

The Ourhoud field (ORD) is the second largest field to have been discovered in Algeria and accounts for 17% of the country’s total production. Its average daily output over the last year has been 55,229 barrels per day. There are currently 58 oil production wells, 30 water injection wells, 1 gas injection well and 6 dual water/gas injection wells in operation.

With the objective of expanding its share of the natural gas sector, CEPSA has joined a consortium, led by TOTAL, engaged in gas exploration and production respectively. In 2009 the commercial viability of the TIMIMOUN natural gas field was approved, in which CEPSA has an 11.25% holding, alongside TOTAL and Sonatrach. The project envisages the commissioning of eight gas fields, the execution of seismic surveys, the drilling of various wells and the construction of facilities for the treatment of natural gas. The aim is to commence production in 2016, producing 1.6 billion cubic meters (bcm) per year.

Rhourde Rouni Block: In 2011, CEPSA Group was awarded exploration rights over the Rhourde el Rouni II block in the Berkine basin, to the northeast of the RKF field. The initial exploration period is for seven years. During the first three years a 3D seismic study and six exploratory wells are planned. In addition, in partnership with SONATRACH and other multinational energy companies, in 2011 CEPSA opened MEDGAZ, the offshore gas pipeline linking Algeria and Europe via Spain. This gas pipeline has an initial total capacity of 8 billion cubic meters (bcm) per year and spans a distance of 210 km between Almeria (Spain) and Beni-Saf (Algeria).





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