Every effort, every last drop, counts

Water is essential for all living things and the conservation of ecosystems. For this reason, at Cepsa we are committed to protecting this resource and promote responsible consumption.

An essential resource for people and ecosystems

Water isessential for both people and the conservation of ecosystems, and we must therefore use it rationally and sustainably, being access to and the availability of fresh water a fundamental human right.

This availability, in terms of both quantity and quality, has an important component as a mitigation and adaptation strategy in the face of rising global temperature and climate change.


What are we doing at Cepsa?

We promote the efficient use of water

Seeing as our operations depend on this resource and considering our potential impacts, we promote the efficient use of water, ensuring the quality of our discharges and advocating a reduction of our water footprint. This is what we statein our position on the use of water and the treatment of wastewater.

We integrate water management into the Environmental Management System

We identify the related aspects and periodically evaluate the impacts derived from our operations, taking into account the entire life cycle of our facilities. These aspects are part of the decision-making process for new projects, acquisitions or due diligence.

We seek solutions to reduce our consumption

We control and monitor the volumes of water we use and our discharges through indicators defined at the corporate level; we adapt our facilities and apply the best available techniques to ensure that we return water to the receiving environment with adequate quality levels, and we seek recycling and reuse solutions that enable us to reduce our water withdrawal.

We assess water risks

We go one step further and use WWF's Water Risk Filter tool on an annual basis to assess the water risks associated with each of our facilities. These risks are evaluated at both the basin and operational levels, which allows us to identify risks and opportunities that we can use as a basis for establishing actions to increase efficiency in the use of this finite resource.

We participate in the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP)

Recognized as one of the most comprehensive corporate environmental reports, we have been improving our performance thanks to our progress on water issues, to achieve an A- CDP Water Security rating in 2020.

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