Dual vocational training


This is a new training concept endorsed by the Spanish Ministerio de Educación y Formación Profesional (Ministry of Education and Vocational Training) that enhances social links and increases co-responsibility among participating companies. The concept was created with the aim of adapting teaching as working environments change

This type of program not only gives you the opportunity to apply your theoretical knowledge in your workplace, but also to receive training from our professionals. You will also work with professional equipment and facilities.


affiliated qualifications

The qualifications associated with this program are as follows:

    • Industrial Chemistry
    • Occupational Risk Prevention
    • Laboratory Work
    • Mechatronics

What do we offer you?

This form of vocational training allows us to play a more active role by offering you:

      • Occupational tutors to advise and support you
      • Tailored work plans adapted to your needs

We work with you to make sure your profile fits the needs of companies within the industry. Our objective is to boost your employability.