Innovation as a driving force for continuous improvement in our employees’ experience

We streamline mobility processes

The “Talent Mobility” Project came about because we were interested in changing the traditional dynamics of mobility processes, improving the employee's experience and providing managers with the most suitable teams.

How did we do it?

A new tool which helps to update employee information has been used for this project. This tool is based on a cognitive system capable of understanding the manager's natural language and a knowledge recommendation system based on graph technology.

Our Human Resources department has boldly committed itself to continuous improvement in transversal processes. One of the main new developments is the focus on the managers' point of view, for vacant positions and the active search for our professionals if they are interested in a mobility process.

The project uses a multidisciplinary approach. Each discipline in the digital transformation area is combined with knowledge of the functional field—in this case, human resources.

The result

We have managed to update and improve the quality of our professionals' data. This creates a more transparent and anonymous process right up to the final phase. We have created an updated procedure and a tool that tracks job market trends.

We have also managed to gradually reduce the time an employee takes to occupy a new post. Scores for professional development questions have also gone up in the satisfaction survey.

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People can have greater independence in terms of their professional changes, and that these changes can be swift so it is easier to develop internal talent
Ana Igualada
Project Manager, Talent Attraction
The new procedure and the automatic search and filtering tool for candidatures are a great leap forward in mobility processes within the Company.
Raúl Yagüe
Human Resources
By integrating a graph-oriented database, we are now able to search for relationships that until now were difficult to detect with traditional tools.
David Piris
Data Engineer
The project is a highly sophisticated contextual extraction, focused on extracting skills with their associated level
Antonio Vaquerizo
Data Scientist
The challenge in designing this application was to turn the labor mobility process into a new experience.
Rafa Benitez
UX Designer (User Experience)

Responsive Talent Mobility