We are committed to renewable energy

We have opened our first wind farm in Jerez with the aim of diversifying our business model and adapting to the diverse energy demand

How did we do it?

Building this wind farm was made possible by a 35.7-million-euro investment.

We also have the technical expertise, the industrial know-how and three decades of experience in electricity generation using cogeneration and combined-cycle plants. 

We had 70 professionals working on the project throughout the entire year-long construction of the wind farm, increasing to 150 professionals being involved at certain times. Thanks to the effort, ability and dedication of all the teams involved, we have successfully completed work on the wind farm with minimal environmental impact and not a single accident.

The result

The Alijar II wind farm has 11 wind turbines, with a power output of 28.8 MW and an estimated annual production capacity of 72 GWh. This is equal to the annual consumption of over 20,000 homes and will cut CO2 emissions by 32,000 tons per year. 

The project is in line with one of Cepsa's priority objectives: Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) No. 7, which is to promote affordable and clean energy.

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