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We are focusing our efforts on proper waste management, so that we can mit- igate the impact it may have on the en- vironment. The waste we generate is de- livered to authorised waste managers for proper environmental treatment, with pri- ority going to those who reuse this waste either through recycling or to generate en- ergy. Moreover, in the case of waste that has to be exported to be properly treated, we carefully control how it is transported and converted for another use.

During the year, only 1% of all hazardous waste generated was transported.

Lastly, we specifically manage drilling waste produced during Exploration and Production unit operations depending on the water content thereof. How it is treat- ed and where it is sent varies according to its characteristics to ensure it is proper- ly processed.

Amount of drilling waste by type of treatment (tonnes) 2018 2017 2016

Non-water based waste

Treatment for offshore disposal 461.64 202.00 0.00

Thermal desorption 0.00 6,489.65 13,216.22

Inerting 35.07 1,647.84 23,239.00

Incineration 0.00 0.00 2,348.00

Water-based waste

Inerting 7,197.87 80.50 0.00

Onshore disposal in controlled areas 0.00 7,463.83 8,813.00

Waste recycling 2,441.01 11,749.00 0.00

Incineration 0.00 1.74 0.00

Total 10,135.59 27,634.56 47,616.22

CHAPTER 5 Our responsible management in 2018 Environment

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