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Content of the statement of non-financial information Reporting standard Location in the report


Circular Economy and waste prevention and management

Measures for prevention, recycling, reuse, other forms of recovery and disposal of waste. Actions to combat food waste

GRI 301-1 GRI 301-2 GRI 303-3 GRI 306-1 GRI 306-2

Chapter 5.6 Environment

Sustainable use of resources

Water consumption and water supply according to local constraints

GRI 303-1 GRI 303-2 GRI 303-3

Chapter 5.6 Environment

Consumption of raw materials and measures taken to improve the efficiency of their use

GRI 301-1 GRI 301-2 Chapter 5.6 Environment

Energy: Consumption, direct and indirect; Measures taken to improve energy efficiency, Use of renewable energies

GRI 302-1 GRI 302-2 GRI 302-3 GRI 302-4 GRI 302-5

Chapter 5.6 Environment

Climate Change

Greenhouse Gas Emissions

GRI 305-1 GRI 305-2 GRI 305-3 GRI 305-4

Chapter 5.6 Environment

Measures taken to adapt to the consequences of Climate Change

GRI 102-15 GRI 201-2 GRI 305-5

Chapter 3.3 Risks and opportunities management Chapter 5.6 Environment

Reduction targets voluntarily set in the medium and long term to reduce GHG emissions and means implemented to that end

GRI 305-5 Chapter 5.6 Environment

Protection of biodiversity

Measures taken to preserve or restore biodiversity GRI 304-3 Chapter 5.6 Environment

Impacts caused by activities or operations in protected areas

GRI 304-1 GRI 304-2 Chapter 5.6 Environment


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